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what we offer

  • Full or Partial Vehicle Wraps
  • Magnetic Vehicle Stickers
  • Custom Vinyl Decals
  • Car Window Decals

One of the best forms of promotion is one that gets the highest exposure with the least amount of effort and at a relatively low cost. For this reason, vehicles have become one of the most popular advertising tools today. Vida One Designs specialises in turnkey vehicle branding solutions – whether you’re looking for custom car decals for your window or full-on vehicle wrapping services.

We utilise the latest technology and high quality materials, coupled with our extensive experience of what works and what doesn’t, to transform your idea into something that is both attractive and functional. We work closely with you from start to finish, from brief, planning and project management, to production, finishing and application, ensuring that the process is as smooth and professionally executed as possible, and making sure that the downtime for your vehicles is kept to an absolute minimum.