Case Study: Putting the Bounce in 21 Jump Street’s Brand

With only a name in mind, 21 Jump Street came to Vida One Designs in search of a custom signage and branding solution that would match their unique trampoline park experience in Meyerton.

SERVICES: Logo / Concept for Branding & Corporate Identity; Vehicle Branding; Internal & External Signage

The Making of a Brand

Starting from scratch, Vida had free reign with the designs and layouts that the client required, and so we worked hand-in-hand with the client to design and develop an innovative logo and brand identity which would form the foundation of a colourful and fun brand that would appeal primarily to children.

21 Jump Street Logo Design

Bringing it to life

From there, we rolled out the new brand across the newly constructed premises and branded their vehicles to create awareness far and wide. This included:

  • Vehicle wraps (printed on vinyl with laminate)
  • Over 70 running metres of printed window decals
  • Wrapping practically the whole inside of the store (wallpaper and PVC printing on frames)
  • Fabricated LED Light Boxes

The project wasn’t without its challenges, however, and because construction was still in progress when the project began, deadlines were tight and the team had to work amongst demanding site conditions. Nevertheless, Vida pulled out all the stops (and a few all-nighters) to get the job done in time.