Business Signage : Jozini & Merrivale

Name of Project: Jozini & Merrivale Pharmacy at Spar
Location: Near Lanseria
Project Duration: 4 weeks

The owner of the Jozini & Merrivale Pharmacy at Spar situated near Lanseria provided Vida One Designs with a floor plan and asked for a proposed solution to their signage needs.  Vida One, as a trusted advisor, provided insight into the best solution for shop signage design and installation that suited the client’s need with regards to the colours used and design considerations that fit within their corporate brand identity.  Vida One Designs was able to assist the client with shop front signage that was inviting and clear to passers-by as invitation to enter the store, as well as designing, manufacturing and installing shop signage for easy identification instore to their customers.  Vida One Designs completed the project within 4 weeks of receiving the brief and ensured that the branding of this store was executed successfully.

“I first heard about Vida One from a friend of mine. When I first interacted with Vida One I was not fully aware of the significant change their services would bring to our business.
The Fresh ideas provided by Ricky in fact ’’oop kop’’ is a better description were exactly what we needed: Vida One’s services helped us recognise what we needed. We were previously not as well-known as we are now. It was amazing seeing how a logo change and business cards could do so much for our business. Vida One was very effective in putting us in the limelight, it was amazing working with such an open minded and professional team of designers who were always willing to sit down and discuss plans for changes as a team. My experience with Vida One was exceptional. What I appreciated the most was the fact that nothing was too much effort. All our appointments were kept as arranged, no problems nor delays experienced. Ricky’s commitment and genuine interest with regards to our needs and requirements was truly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Vida One to everyone, simply because their service is great, in one word working with Vida One has been Fantastic!”

– Shaun Swanepoel, Swanpools

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