50+ FREE Packaging Templates for Your Business

One of the biggest challenges of successful branding is how you make your product stand out on store shelves. Your product may be the best of the best, but unless it grabs attention at first sight, it will most likely get lost amongst the noise of its competitors – after all, people are visual beings, it’s in our nature to quickly judge based on immediate visual and sensory cues. When it comes to packaging design, brands have to walk a fine line between functionality, convenience, sustainability, cost and attractiveness – which means choosing the right box pattern that will fit your product and budget as well as compliment your brand identity. Here, we provide a collection of over 50 free packaging templates to help you choose the type of packaging that would best suit your product.

Want something a little more unique or out-of-the-box (pardon the pun)? Contact us and we’ll work closely with you to develop and create your own custom packaging design.